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Essential Sailboat Fishing Tips for Offshore Sailors (Boat Parts & More!)

Sailboat fishing doesn’t need expensive fishing gear to begin with. In fact, a simple trolling line with a few lures will do. The market value of your first catch may exceed your investment in the fishing equipment you’ve used to catch it. Sailboat fishing is easy, and it’ll get easier if you follow these tips… Continue Reading

Everything You Need to Know About Brook Trout and How to Catch Them

Brook Trout is a freshwater fish that originated from the eastern parts of North America. They are small in size and needs a cold temperature in order to survive. They tend to migrate up and down the water to find the right habitat and temperature. People call them by different nicknames because of its appearance.… Continue Reading

All You Need to Know About Aquarium Ich and How to Prevent It

Aquarium maintenance is always a must to ensure that your fishes habitat is healthy and beautiful. However, unexpected diseases may occur any time that we might fail to notice. When this happens, it’s always a best thing to quarantine fishes in a separate aquarium to avoid spreading the disease in the long run. But unfortunately,… Continue Reading

Start Your Aquarium Journey with These Best Marine Aquarium Fishes

Marine fish is more easier to take care of compared to Saltwater fish. Saltwater fish requires stable conditions in order to survive. However, marine fish is difficult to maintain compared to freshwater fish. If you’re just a beginner in the aquarium hobby, it’s better to choose the right fish to begin with. And your best… Continue Reading

Swordtail Fish – Diet, Care, and Breeding

A very popular species of aquarium fish, the swordtail fish is a great and common choice for the beginner aquarist. They are known to be tolerant to a wide extent of atmospheric conditions and are characterized to have a very peaceful temperament. It goes without saying that the swordtail fish has a long, thin, elongated… Continue Reading

How to Clean an Aquarium Glass Without Scratching

Having a clean aquarium glass is lovely to look at. So it’s important to clean it regularly on a weekly basis. Algae tends to grow on the aquarium walls which can be toxic to fish and plants. So it’s better to get rid of it before it grows and spreads over time. It’s important to… Continue Reading

Everything You Need to Know About a Sick Neon Tetra

Neon Tetra is a popular freshwater fish that can live up to 10 years, not until you put them in an aquarium where they can’t survive for long. Once you put a Neon Tetra inside an aquarium, there’s a high chance of it getting diseases, become stressed, and getting attacked by other fishes. If your… Continue Reading

Clean Your Aquarium Glass with These 3 Easy-to-Use Tools

Owning an aquarium at home and see the lively inhabitants inside it is a wonderful sight to see. In order to maintain the beauty of an aquarium, it’s important to keep it sparkly clean. But what are the best ways to clean an aquarium glass? Cleaning an aquarium requires patience in order to thoroughly clean… Continue Reading

10 Best Fishes for Your Aquascape Aquarium

It can be a hard task to find the best fish that compliments your planted aquascape. But worry no more because we got you covered. Below, we provided a list of 10 best fishes that are recommended by aquascape professionals in the industry. In this article, each species are explained carefully which one of them… Continue Reading